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Why You Should Be Using Relora® Supplements

What is Relora®?

Relora® is a proprietary blend of an extract from the Magnolia Officinalis bark and extract from the Phellodendron amurense bark. These two trees, Magnolia officinalis and Phellodendron amurense, grow in China and have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine. 

The combination of these barks is a well-known herbal remedy for stress. It’s also often used as a natural sleep aid thanks to its calming, soothing effects.

Extracts of Magnolia are thought to have two primary active compounds: honokiol and magnolol, while Phellodendron amurense bark extract has the active compound berberine. In clinical trials they have both been shown to affect cortisol levels, which affect stress. 

How Relora® Can Help You Deal With Stress

One of the primary reasons to take Relora®supplements is the positive impact that the herbal remedy can have on your stress. When you’re feeling stressed, your nervous system engages in a defense mechanism known as the “fight or flight” response. This natural response to stress involves the secretion of the hormones cortisol, norepinephrine, and epinephrine (formerly known as; noradrenaline, adrenaline).

These "stress hormones" are released via activation of  the HPA axis.

The HPA axis is a pathway within your body that connects your hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and adrenal glands – HPA stands for hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal. During periods of stress, there is an imbalance in your HPA axis, which can lead to feeling on-edge, fatigued, distracted, and overwhelmed. These are all common symptoms of stress that Relora® can help you manage.

Research has shown that taking Relora® supplements may calm your mind if you are feeling mildly to moderately stressed. Even minor, temporary stress can result in symptoms that can fly under the radar like nervous tension, sadness, and nervous eating. 

Therefore, by combining Relora® supplements with other stress support herbal remedies such as passionflower, ashwagandha, and more, you can create a comprehensive stress defense supplement regimen as an effective natural approach for managing the detrimental effects of everyday stressors*. 

Relora®, along with a multitude of other botanical calming ingredients, is included in R3SET’s Calm and Unwind capsules. These once-daily and once-nightly supplements are specially formulated to help you stay calm, peaceful, and focused during the day and to help you unwind and sleep well at night*. 

Can Relora® Help You Sleep? 

Relora®is considered safe to use as a natural sleep aid. The herbal remedy has little potential to cause side effects and is mildly sedating enough that it won’t make you fall asleep during the day. This means you can supplement with Relora® in the morning and at night. However, you may want to adjust your Relora® dosage depending on the time of day – more at night and less in the morning is typically a good option.

Relora® and GABA 

GABA Stands for gamma-aminobutyric acid. This amino acid is a neurotransmitter, sending signals to your nervous system to help calm you down when you’re in a state of stress. 

Increased GABA activity in your brain is associated with better sleep and less stress, making gamma-aminobutyric acid an essential amino acid for your emotional and physical health. 

You can get GABA from food or take it as a supplement, but it’s also naturally produced by your body.

In addition, some supplements can have a positive impact on GABA activity in your brain, including Relora®. Because of its GABA-boosting effects, Relora® is a goodnatural supplement to take for mood and sleep support*.

Can Relora®Help To Support Your Mood?

If you tend to feel moody or grumpy at certain points during the day, Relora® may be a beneficial supplement for you. 

Research has shown that taking between 250 and 500 mg of Relora® supplements may help to level out your mood, fatigue, and increase your vigor, making it easier to conquer your daily tasks and obligations*. 

Mood swings, irritability, and other unpredictable emotional changes can make it difficult to stay focused on your work, to function well in relationships, and to finish each day feeling positive and without regrets. Thus, it’s always worthwhile to do whatever you can to keep your emotions as even and manageable as possible. Taking supplements like Relora® can be a helpful aspect of an emotionally healthy lifestyle.

While supplements like Relora® may help to support your mood, it’s important to think of them as complementary to healthy habits, not a replacement for them. The best way to manage your emotional health is to take good care of your body and mind by living a healthy life. Forming habits like daily exercise, meditation, strong communication in relationships, and good boundaries at work can help you keep your moods even and manageable.

Does Relora® Have Side Effects? 

If you’re worried about side effects from taking Relora® supplements, have no fear – this herbal remedy is considered generally very safe and presents minimal risk of side effects. 

As long as you stick with the recommended dose each time you take Relora®, the chances of running into any problems are low. Nevertheless, it’s always wise to consult your doctor before you start taking any new supplements, including Relora®.  

One consideration to make when taking Relora® supplements is that it may not be the best idea to combine Relora® with prescription-grade sleep aids or sedatives. While you can take Relora® alongside other herbal remedies, it’s important to consult your doctor before adding Relora® to your nightly routine if you’ve been prescribed sleeping pills or sedatives.

Finally, it’s best to avoid giving Relora® supplements to children without consulting your child’s pediatrician.

When Is the Best Time To Take Relora for Sleep? 

Whenever you’re taking Relora® to help calm your mind before going to sleep, it’s best to do so between 30 minutes and an hour before bedtime. Leaving this window before you hit the pillow lets the supplement work its soothing magic. In addition, you can combine taking a Relora® supplement with a calming nighttime routine to increase your defenses against restlessness and sleeplessness.

Relora can also be taken with numerous other natural sleep supporters, including chamomile, GABA, lemon balm, passionflower, valerian root, and more. 

If you tend to toss and turn through the night or struggle with chronic insomnia, consider taking R3SET’s Unwind capsules each night before bed. These once-nightly supplements are specially formulated to help ease your mind and allow you to get the rest you need to recharge and take on the day to come. 


So, what’s the bottom line on Relora®?

This herbal remedy has a long history of being used to calm the mind and promote better sleep. The combination of magnolia bark and phellodendron bark can be a great addition to your stress-fighting routine, and you can take this supplement during the day and at night. 

The best way to add Relora® to your daily regimen is by taking R3SET’s Calm and Unwind capsules

Our signature formula’s includes Relora®, along with the following botanical stress supporters:

  • Lemon Balm
  • Passionflower
  • PharmaGABA
  • Chamomile
  • Valerian Root
  • Ahiflower Oil
  • 5-HTP
  • Beta Caryophyllene
  • L-Theanine
  • Vitamin D

* Our products contain NO gluten, soy, preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors. Be sure to store in a cool, dry place after opening.

Caution: Do not take if currently taking any medication or receiving medical treatment without consulting your physician. Keep out of reach of children.

These botanical  ingredients, combined with Relora®, make a good addition to your daily stress management practices. Pair a Calm capsule in the morning and an Unwind capsule in the evening with healthy habits like exercise, meditation, and more, and you’re setting yourself up with a strong defense against stress*.

To learn more about Calm and Unwind, as well as the science behind managing stress, make sure to visit the R3SET blog. There, you’ll find helpful articles about a wide variety of topics, from tips about healthy habits for less overall stress to information about the natural ingredients in R3SET’s signature formula.

* *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease



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Effect of Magnolia officinalis and Phellodendron amurense (Relora®) on cortisol and psychological mood state in moderately stressed subjects

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