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Your stress will become your superpower

Change your Mindset, discover how to manage it, and balance your 3 body systems.


Balance the three body systems that manage stress

Balance your body’s stress systems

Let us not forget the body’s physical response to stress. Raised heart rates, wooziness, sweating, or feeling cold — sound familiar? They’re very real symptoms and they’re very addressable. That’s where we come in — R3SET Calm and Unwind.


Discover the stress management exercises that work for you

Stress Exercises: Have you tried petting a puppy?

Once you understand the way stress affects you in a situation, you have a limitless supply of actions you can take to lead it down a positive path. Learn about more stress-releasing exercises by joining the 14 Day R3SET e-mail program.


Shift your mindset to use stress as a motivating force.

So…stress is good?

Reframing your mindset about stress, going positive instead of negative, is the first step. Think of stress like pain, while it’s quite unpleasant, it has an important function, it alerts you of a problem and protects you.

The Three Body Systems and Stress

Let’s nerd out on some science for a second. The physical effects of stress can affect the 3 main body systems: the (1) nervous, (2) endocrine, and (3) immune system. When you feel stressed, these three systems that normally work in harmony fall out of sync because when one is affected, the other two are as well, and it brings on the physical symptoms.


Nervous system

Gets unbalance that’s why you start feeling on edge.



Generates hormones like cortisol - which is why your heart rate and blood pressure increases.


Immune system

Produces various chemicals that lead to inflammation, and a lowering of immune defenses. Therefore less capable to fight which is why you are more susceptible to getting sick.

Meet Our Stress Experts

Wondering who R3SET is? We’re people just like you and to be frank… Stress was stressing us too.
We’re a group of doctors, psychologists, brand builders, health experts, and flat-out wellness nerds who heard their children talking about stress and knew that they had to do something about it.

Dr. Eric First, MD, FAIS

MD - Boston U. Medical School

AD  - Food Science/Nutrition

Fellow of the American Institute of Stress

Amelia Aldao, Ph.D.

Ph.D Yale University
Founder, Together CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Michelle Barrett, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Alliant U.

Researcher, Consultant - Counseling Psychology

Guido Schmitz

37+ yrs Bayer Consumer Health
Founder of InnCreReal, LLC
Gen. Manager at PAPACKS US

Dr. Amit Gupta, MD

MD - Boston U. Medical School Internship – Harvard Medical
Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, India

About our founders

January 2


The beginning

R3SET was founded by three former Bayer HealthCare executives who were all wrestling with stress and wanted to create a business that had real purpose in helping others. We started R3SET with the ambition of making “stress less stressful.” We aim to provide simple yet powerful solutions to help people better manage stress. We envision a world where people stress less and stress better :)

April 14



We learned about the biology and chemistry of stress (it helps to have an MD who’s also a Fellow of the American Institute of Stress, as a co-Founder), the psychology of stress (with acknowledgement to our amazing Scientific Advisory Board), and the role stress plays in life (this is where our amazing families and friends kicked in). We learned about the harm stress causes, and the role it plays in chronic disease. We also learned about its amazing benefits. It creates energy in milliseconds, alerting us to threats and directs resources towards solutions. With this new-found wisdom, we set out to build a brand to de-stigmatize stress, and to give people simple, accessible tools to help them embrace it. Somebody had to do it, right?

Great for stress. Great for you, too.

Non-habit forming
Botanical ingredients
Manufactured in USA

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