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Make stress less stressful

Stress Eating

Helps reduce cravings & provides feeling of fullness.

Make stress less stressful

& Focus

Helps curb everyday stress and have added focus to slay your day.

& Restore

Helps prepare your body to fall asleep, stay asleep & catch restorative zzz’s.

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Master your stress and start feeling better today


How it FEELS

R3SET works! More than 80% of people felt more at ease and relaxed after taking R3SET. 3 out of 4 people also felt calmer and slept better*.

How it’s formulated

Both R3SET Calm & R3SET Unwind are each specifically formulated with the best of 10+ botanical ingredients collectively backed by over 200 scientific studies.

How it works

Unlike others, R3SET works on the 3 body systems that are most impacted by stress: nervous, endocrine and immune, to provide a complete stress solution. *

How to take it

For children 12 and above and adults, For CALM: take 1 capsule, 1-2 times in the morning/afternoon. For UNWIND: take 1 Unwind capsule, 1-2 times in the evening/bedtime.

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Non-habit forming
Botanical ingredients
Manufactured in USA
Zero Sugar
Caffeine Free
Melatonin Free

NSF certification helps consumers identify products that have been independently tested and certified to meet rigorous standards for quality, safety, and label claims.

We use botanical ingredients

R3SET Calm, Unwind, and Stress Eating are each formulated with a novel combination of active botanicals along with other key essential nutrients; collectively backed by over 200 scientific studies

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R3SET works on the 3 body systems most impacted by stress *

Unlike other products, we balance the 3 systems in your body affected by stress: nervous, endocrine and immune.

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Formulated by
stress experts

We’re a group of doctors, psychologists, brand builders, health experts, and flat-out wellness nerds. Collectively we’ve brought 100+ years of scientific, medical and product development experience into one lovely little capsule.

Meet Our Experts

Dr. Eric First, MD, FAIS MD - Boston U. Medical School AD - Food Science/Nutrition Fellow of the American Institute of Stress

Amelia Aldao, Ph.D. Ph.D Yale University Founder, Together CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Michelle Barrett, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Alliant U.
Researcher, Consultant - Counseling Psychology

Guido Schmitz
37+ yrs Bayer Consumer Health Founder of InnCreReal, LLC Gen. Manager at PAPACKS US

Dr. Amit Gupta, MD
MD - Boston U. Medical School Internship – Harvard Medical Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, India


As Seen On

Paris Hilton is no stranger to stress from being in the public eye since a very young age

On top of this and running her many successful entrepreneurial ventures, Paris trusts in R3SET to help her manage her everyday stressors both day and night!

Some smart people love us.

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