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Passion Flower

The passion flower is a beautiful, striking, vibrant flowering vine with rich purples, yellows, and blues. Even though this unique flower has been used over the past century for medicinal purposes, very little is still understood as to how it interacts with the body to provide stress support.

It is typically used to help with mental wellness and feelings of restlessness, and is thought to have general calming effects. During the first world war, it was even used to help troops to relax as they moved back into civilian life.

Let’s take a look at how it may benefit you and what you should know about the possible side effects and dosing.

Non-habit forming
Natural active ingredients
Manufactured in USA
Caffeine Free
Melatonin Free

What is Passion Flower?

Passion flower is a climbing vine that can be found in both Central America and South America as well as the southeastern United States. This plant is very unique as it has small tendril-like petals that make up an almost mosaic beauty of varying shades of purple. It is striking and almost has an alien look that makes it hard to miss once you see it.

The main parts of the plant that are harvested for medicinal use are the flower blooms themselves along with the leaves and stems. These are typically pruned and then dried for consumption. A common way of consuming harvested passion flower is to turn it into a herbal tea.

Continued use through the last century has shown that it has maintained its popularity as a herb to be harvested for its adaptogenic qualities.

The history of the passion flower’s medicinal use dates back to Native Americans, who would use this herb as a means of stress support against feelings of tension.

How Does Passion Flower Provide Stress Support?

The exact mechanism of the passion flower is still largely under investigation and not many studies have been conducted as to what exact beneficial compounds the passion flower brings to the table. Certain studies have shown that there may be a link between passion flowers' chemical composition and the GABA receptors of the central nervous system, however this relationship is not clear.

It has been known to have relaxing effects and traditionally was given to a patient before some kind of medical procedure to help calm them and put them in good emotional balance. While the mechanism is unknown, it does seem like there are sufficient studies to see that passion flowers do hold these relaxing properties consistent and that they can be used successfully as supplements for calming.

Passion flower has long been associated with aiding support against stresses like full body and mind tension that can build up throughout the day.

It is thought that there may be a link between passion flower and healthy sleep, which could make it a good supplement for anyone dealing with a tough time getting a good night’s rest.

What Else Can Passion Flower Be Used For?

With over 500 different types of passion flower, it represents a huge family of plants. While it can be turned into tea, ground into powder for supplemental use, and even taken in pill form, it also is a beautiful flower for just planting and having in your garden. Passion vines are easy to maintain and not hard to grow. If you are looking for something new to put up a wall in your garden, they are definitely an eye-catcher and are easily harvestable for herbal tea.

Average Dosing and Side Effects

There is no current recommendation on dosing for passion flower, however it is generally considered to be fairly safe.

While taking supplements with passion flower usually include it in relatively low doses, you should always consult with your medical health care provider on any questions regarding dosing and usage, especially if you’re already taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, or other supplements.

Possible side effects could include dizziness, sleepiness, and confusion. If you experience any of these symptoms, stop taking passion flower and talk to your doctor.

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