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Everything You Need to Know About Microdoses

From Psychology Today to clinical trials to the infamous wellness site, goop, there's a lot of talk about microdoses these days. However, microdoses and microdosing are two different things that can often be confused. At R3SET, we use a microdose approach in our Calm and Unwind supplements, so we want to make sure everyone knows the difference between the two and why we chose microdoses over large, excessive ones.


“Microdosing” vs. “Microdose Amounts of Ingredients”

Okay, so let’s just come out of the gate making one thing clear – we aren’t talking about psychedelics. The act of microdosing is most commonly connected with a person taking mircodoses of psychedelics within a short time frame to figuratively “throw up” (sometimes physically too) emotional and mental trauma and baggage. Many experts in this still-experimental field equate one of these doctor-monitored sessions with doing ten years of therapy.
This is not what we are talking about here in this blog, just to clarify.
Our use of microdoses of ingredients throughout the day is something entirely different from what’s commonly called microdosing. At R3SET, we promote taking small, but efficacious amounts of each active ingredient, but don’t underestimate the power of precision! These lower doses still provide effectiveness because we are also targeting several different pathways within the three systems, plus there is synergy among some of the ingredients, enhancing their effects.


Bottomline: When it comes to supplements, more is not always better; in fact, it’s usually more wasteful and dangerous.
Let’s illustrate this in what may not be the healthiest example, but a highly relatable one – coffee. Most people drink coffee for the immediate jolt of caffeine that gives them temporary energy and focus to achieve tasks. Now, if you drink six cups of coffee all at once, you throw your system into overdrive and you have a big jolt, but an even bigger crash (not to mention all the ways that much caffeine at once can damage your body). If you drink a cup of coffee at seven in the morning and then maybe again at two in the afternoon, you still experience that kick of caffeine once you finish that cup that helps you out, but not the huge crash or risk doing major damage to your body. Make sense?


Small, Consistent Doses = Bigger, Better Results.

When most people start taking supplements, they think more is better, which couldn’t be further from the truth. When we formulated our supplements, we decided to buck tradition for a healthier, more thoughtful, and effective approach. The traditional method generally tells a person to load up a ton of active ingredients and hope a decent amount is taken in by the body. The issue with this approach is your body has to work hard at excreting all the excess that you just overwhelmed your body with, often resulting in that techno-color fluorescent yellow pee (which is not healthy by the way). By ingesting lower doses which release over time, your body will use what it needs and won’t have to exhaust itself excreting excess ingredients and their resultant breakdown products. After all, you’re taking Calm and Unwind to decrease stress in the body, not give it more!
When it comes to choosing a stress supplement that will help you rest stress, choose the smarter, safer option – R3SET’s Calm and Unwind! You get a meticulously crafted formula with an aromatic appeal that gives your body and mind less work and more nurturing with a consistent wave throughout the day and night.

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