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How Morning Routines Can Help Manage Stress Levels

 Jaws Nelson - Morning Routine


The R3SET Morning Routine:

 Start with Wellness EVERY Morning


It’s likely, more now than ever, you are hearing about the importance of establishing a morning wellness routine. In addition to giving your day structure, morning routines are a great way to ensure that your health is a high priority and gets taken care of first thing. Morning routines also have the added benefit of taking the temptation to snooze out of your morning equation. Want to hop out of bed all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed? Incorporate some (or all) of the elements of our R3SET Good Morning Routine for a stress-free start to your day!

Resist the Urge to Snooze

When you wake up in the morning, especially after a night of not-so-great sleep, you feel sleep inertia, that all-too-familiar grogginess as you reach for the snooze button. But stop! Sleep inertia only lasts for 15 to 30 minutes as your mind and body become more alert. However, if you hit snooze, it can last up to two hours. When you go back to sleep, your body releases hormones that can trick it into thinking it’s going back to a deep sleep, only to be shook back awake in five or ten minutes. This leads to excessive fatigue that you may not be able to shake all day.


Have you ever noticed that when cats and dogs come out of a resting position, the first thing they do is stretch? Take a cue from Sir Waggs A Lot and stretch as soon as you wake up. Some neck circles, a reaching arms overhead, and a little downward-facing dog lengthens the muscles that may have been compacted all night and also releases synovial fluid into the joints, giving them extra bounce and releasing happy tingles throughout the body.


Grab a Snack

Some people like to work out on an empty stomach and some people find they need a little something in their body before they workout. If you’re the later, grab a banana, half of a KIND bar, a tablespoon of almond butter, or a small protein shake to give your body a little protein and good carbs to fuel an energetic workout. Regardless of whether you like to eat a snack before or not, be sure to drink at least eight ounces of water to start rehydrating the body.


Get Your Workout in First

As a day goes on, it’s very easy to procrastinate your workout. If you love to exercise, think of it as doing something you love first thing to set up a great day. If you are a little less enthusiastic about getting a sweat session in before coffee, do as Mark Twain suggests and, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” Now, we don’t think that working out is the worst thing that can happen (because you are taking care of yourself), but if you don’t love working out, getting it out of the way in the morning means you’re done and you don’t have to obsess about it all day, and inevitably try to talk yourself into doing it. Many times, we just end up talking ourselves out of it. So, pop out of bed and get your sweat on! Use our no-gym-needed routine below to get your daily exercise in a no-muss, no-fuss way.



Morning Fitness Routine

R3SET Good Morning Exercise Routine*  

Do three sets of the circuit with a two-minute rest between sets.
20 Jumping Jacks
20 Squats
20 Lunges
10 Push-Ups
40 Punches
60 sec Elbow-plank


Now you’ve worked out all your major muscle groups and can feel strong all day long!

Extra Credit: Meditate or Breathe

Before you start working, take a moment to reflect in gratitude, breathe, or meditate to clear your mind and set a stage for a “positive stress only” day. Take as much or as little time as you need and then set off and slay the day!
For more information on how to master stress and increase wellness, sign up for our FREE '14 Day R3SET' program HERE.

*Workout provided courtesy of Julie “Jaws” Nelson

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