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“Searching for Stress Support or Diet Supplements?

Walking down the dietary supplement aisle these days, you can get confused with the dizzying array of all the different products claiming to help you with your stress, weight loss, beauty, nutrition and overall wellness. The choices can become overwhelming!

Even before the pandemic, there were a myriad of options for supplements to help with everyday stress. Now in 2022, there seems to be an explosion of choices claiming to help relieve your stress or anxiety. Problem is, if it were to actually relieve you of all your stress, you likely wouldn’t be breathing! Just like the pain response, the stress response is a primitive hard-wired early warning system for the body.

Some supplement products promote single ingredient products such as Ashwagandha, L-Theanine, Valerian Root, or Magnesium for stress relief. Others can have a laundry list of ingredients, promoting how much of each ingredient it contains, but is more actually better for you? Do you know how much of the ingredient you need to achieve the results you are looking for?

Just because there is a lot of ingredients and their amounts and if it claims to be “natural” or “plant-based”, doesn’t always mean that it is good for you! Some supplement capsules/pills may contain more of the listed ingredient than what is claimed on the label. That is the practice of intentionally overfilling ingredient amounts, to ensure listed amount is present.

In addition, contaminants from the soil, toxins, and other substances may also be in the product. Always be sure that the product you are buying, is made under Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP), a standard set by the FDA for Pharmaceutical Products. These conditions ensures that the product and its ingredients are strictly tested to ensure no harmful contaminants are present.

More of an ingredient, just because it is plant-based or produced under strict conditions, doesn’t always means, “More is Better For You”. Too much of an ingredient especially in untested combinations can lead to more work your liver and kidneys need to do to rid the body of excess amounts of the ingredient and some of its broken down components. In addition, many of the ingredients used today, are not fully supported by rigorous clinical studies.

One of the leading Gummy products on the market today, positioned as a supplement to support stress, the first two ingredients are Organic Tapioca Syrup (Sugar!)…and…4 grams of added Organic Cane Sugar (more Sugar!), coming in at 50 calories for two gummies (serving size)! And, most of all, they are not uniquely focused on reducing stress-eating!!

For a product purported to reduce stress and aimed at reducing cravings, having sugar as the main ingredient, just continues to fuel the stress response!

With all supplements and food products, always check the label for these hidden sugars!

To make it easier - reach for one of the supplements from the Stress Experts at R3SET who have done the homework for you!  All of their supplements are made under strict GMP conditions with all ingredients being rigorously tested upon arrival and then after production before shipping them. This ensures that there are no other contaminants, no microbial growth.

In addition, A single capsule serving of a R3SET Supplement contains no significant amount of sugar, carbs, or calories and uses a combination of ingredients, specifically targeted for stress support or to combat stress-eating. You can find R3SET Supplements in Target and on

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