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How To Make a Stress Ball

What is something that can fit in the palm of your hand, is easy to transport, and is satisfying to squeeze? You got it — a stress ball. These little contraptions have been around for a while and chances are you’ve probably held one at some point in time.

In today's world where it’s easy to feel restless or tense, these little objects are more than just a toy but can actually provide relief of tension. While these are not suggested as your sole treatment for long-term stress, they can complement your daily routine along with supplements you may be taking for stress support

A stress ball is worth having around when you just need to take some frustration or pressure out, and we’re going to show you how to make one!

Does It Actually Work?

According to multiple studies, stress balls not only have been shown to be popular but actually have real benefits. Reduction in feelings of restlessness and tension have been reported as results of using stress balls and is the reason why their popularity has held steady through the test of time. 

How a Stress Ball Reduces Stress

You use a stress ball by simply squeezing it. This stress-relieving effect is caused by a couple of different reasons. 

First off, our bodies are actually programmed to respond well to simple, repetitive motions. This could be taking a small break and walking around the office a couple of times a day, doing some air squats, or, you guessed it, squeezing the cushion out of a soft stress ball. 

Some of the reasons for this phenomenon are simply that as we activate these repetitive motions we are initiating some good things inside of us. First, we are causing blood flow to increase to the areas of use. This improves circulation which means that your body is getting better oxygen and nutrient flow. 

We are also having an effect on the tension our body can build up due to stress hormones like cortisol or even build-ups of lactic acid. The truth is, simple movements that activate our muscles and circulation just very simply cause good outcomes. 

What You Need

To build a stress ball, you need three things:

  • A Funnel 
  • A Balloon
  • Filler (flour, rice, foam, really anything that is malleable and squishable)

First, make sure you're using a funnel that can easily fit whatever filler you are using into a balloon. If the funnel spout is too small or large, this could cause a problem when filling the balloon.

Secondly, choose a sturdy, rubber balloon and blow it up a couple of times to stretch it out before filling. Feel free to double-layer with balloons to get some extra protection from the stress ball popping — this might take a little maneuvering to work!

Thirdly, choose a filler and fill the balloon. Flour is a common choice because it’s cheap, natural, and has a satisfying texture when squeezed. However, feel free to switch it up and maybe add some chia or flaxseed to your flour, which can give some nice texture. 

It really is this easy to make a fun, personalized stress ball that can actually give you some real stress support during your day! 

And don’t forget, if you need a little extra stress support, your R3SET capsules have you covered!



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