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Social Support, Giving and it's Effects on Stress

All about that giving  

Here’s something amazing: Helping others is scientifically proven to make you feel better. How nice is that? We’re actually genetically wired to do good things for one another. And we’re here for it. Give it a try by looking to a friend, a colleague, or any charitable organization for ways you can contribute, and see how it helps shift your focus from the stress you're feeling, to the needs of others. Serious win win.
It's science
  • People giving social support experience reduced rates of stress and lower blood pressure compared to those who do not give.
  • Charitable contributions elicit a surge of dopamine and endorphins that are experienced as “hedonic” and rewarding. 
  • People who gave to others tend to score much higher on feelings of joy than individuals who did not give to others.

Where should you start?

How about going full Marie Kondo on your home and donating some clothes. It will help someone else, and clear a bit of stress-inducing clutter in your place.

Extra credit

Think about what you’re passionate about and use it to make an impact. You can do so many things right from your computer at home. Love kids? Volunteer reading or tutoring online. Love Pets? Adopt one today! Love your fellow neighbor? Check on them, maybe bring them something they may need.

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