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The Importance of Prebiotic Support for a Healthy Microbiome in 2023 - Mushrooms
Eric First, M.D., FAIS and Matthew Roberts, Ph.D. When it comes to gut health, most of us think about probiotics, the beneficial bacteria that liv...
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STRESSED GUT? Heartburn, bloating, gas, abdominal discomfort
Eric First, M.D., FAIS & Matthew Roberts, Ph.D. Summary (TLDR;)  Ever have stress-related stomach aches? Stress has a significant impact on th...
Posted in gut
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Yoga Poses for Sleep: 3 Poses You Should Try Tonight
One of the most attractive elements of yoga is the fact that this ancient practice is as much about your mind as it is about your body. While yoga...
Posted in Stress Education
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Top 4 Best Vitamins to Take For Stress
Many people experience stress from time to time. It brings with it feelings of anxiety, fear, hopelessness, irritability and sometimes sadness. Ho...
Posted in Ingredients
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How Stress Affects Energy Levels and Motivation
- Eric First, M.D., FAIS and Matthew Roberts, PhD. Ever felt zapped? By zapped I mean that feeling where you're always fatigued, foggy, and have ze...
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How to reduce food cravings and not have to take a weight management pill for overeating
- Eric First, M.D., FAIS and Matthew Roberts, PhD. Stress can negatively affect the 3 main systems involved in the stress response; Nervous, Immune...
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