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How Controlling Your 5 Senses Can Affect Your Mood

Feel, smell, taste, hear, see


Our senses are absolute miracles. They’re insane. Put through the ringer of millions of years of evolution to become our literal eyes and ears (and nose and skin and taste buds) for the world around us. And because that world has become rather hectic throughout the course of history, our senses have a tendency to get a tad overstimulated. So today, we’re going to work on giving them a break by focusing them on a few simple and relaxing exercises.


It's science

  • Aromatherapy: Both inhaled (and oral) lavender may reduce anxiety. And don’t forget the uplifting scent of citrus. Japanese researchers discovered that inhaling the smell of lemon is an instant mood booster.

  • Taste: Sipping on green tea is a great solution. In fact, L-theanine, a compound that occurs naturally in green tea, might provide a range of health benefits, which may include improved mental focus and better sleep quality.

  • Hearing: Brain imaging shows certain music stimulates areas of the brain responsible for emotions. A U.K. sound therapist has used this information to develop — with the help of popular Manchester band Marconi Union — the most relaxing music ever recorded (it even slowed listeners’ heart rates). 

  • Sight: “Our environmental surroundings can definitely make a big difference to our stress levels,” says Bunzenmeyer. What we see around us can absolutely alter our mood. When plants are put in a windowless workplace, people became more productive, have lower blood pressure and feel more focused than those working in a flora-free office. 


Where should you start?

How about a cup of green tea? But instead of just drinking it like you normally would, take your time with it and focus on being mindful. Paying attention, without judgement, but instead with moment-to-moment observation. Feel the warm mug in your hands. Inhale extra deeply over the mug, taking the scent and the warm steam into your nostrils. Take a taste, and let the L-theanine begin to relax you from the inside. Ahhhhh… L-theanine.


Extra credit

Take a few minutes and enjoy the 🎶  most relaxing music ever made!

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