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Weight management support? Beware of the "Sugar Bear"

Sure they may taste great, but have you looked at the label on some of those
great-tasting Gummy’s”?

 Even before the pandemic, there were a myriad of options for supplements to help with everyday stress. Now in 2022, there seems to be an explosion of choices claiming to help relieve your stress or anxiety, or help with weight management or cravings.

Consider some of the leading Gummy products on the market today, positioned as a supplement to support stress or to help with curbing appetite, weight management or dieting. The first two ingredients are Organic Tapioca Syrup (Sugar!)…and…4 grams of added Organic Cane Sugar (more Sugar!), coming in at 50 calories for two gummies (serving size)! And, most of all, they are not uniquely focused on reducing stress-eating, and as a result, the sugar intake will trigger your brain to cause people to eat even more; a vicious cycle indeed!

For products claiming to reduce stress, or aimed at reducing cravings or weight management, having sugar as the main ingredient, just continues to fuel the stress response!

With all supplements and food products, always check the label for these hidden sugars!

Instead, reach for a new product, from the Stress Experts -  R3SET’s new Stress Eating Formulation, a single capsule, containing no significant amount of sugar, carbs, or calories and specifically targeted for stress-eating.

 How is R3SET Stress Eating different from other popular Apple Cider Vinegar supplements or other “gummy forms” of supplements?

R3SET’s new Stress Eating Botanical Supplement was formulated to address the root cause of stress-eating or “Junk-Snacking” – the stress response, which leads to the cravings and ultimately to junk snacking. And, R3SET Stress Eating contains 0 fat, 0 calories and 0 carbohydrates!

All of the R3SET products, are made under strict GMP conditions with all ingredients being tested upon arrival and then again after production of the capsules. This ensures that there are no other contaminants, no microbial growth.

If you are struggling with snacking and need some support, you can pick up your box today at Target or

Eric First, M.D., FAIS

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